In Memoriam - Fall 2008

Sir John Marks Templeton. Photo courtesy of the American Bible Society Archives

The American Bible Society deeply mourns the death of Sir John Marks Templeton, a great philanthropist and Christian, member emeritus of the board and generous supporter of the Bible Cause.

Mabel Fern Underhill Alexander
Given by Susan D. Underhill

My parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Barron
Given by Marguerite B. Davis

Grace P. Campbell
Given by Faith D. Early

Elfrieda Frueh
Given by Ms. Donna Allmandinger

Paul Hansen
Given by Linda Hansen

My husband, John B. McTaggart,
And myself, Bertha Elizabeth McTaggart
Given by the trust of
Mrs. Bertha Elizabeth McTaggart

Dr. Bruce M. Metzger
Given by Mrs. Isobel M. Metzger

Hermann Mueller
Given by Mrs. Diann M. Berndt

Our father, Paul J. Nelson
Given by Mrs. Carol J. Mauro

Our mother, Lucille Powell
Given by the estate of Lucille Powell
and her beloved son, Dave Powell

Leroy Risk
Given by Lisle Bible Church

My son, Daniel Stephen Ross
Given by Mrs. Edwin H. Ross

Eloise Mary (“Jr.”) Shoults-Brochu
Given by Rev. Eloise Mary Shoults

My wife, Mary Ellen Travis
Given by Mr. Everette Travis

Honor the memory of a loved one by helping to provide Bibles to people who don't yet have them. Memorials of $500 or more
for one individual or family unit will be published in the American Bible Society Record. For further details about the memorial
program, please write to Donor Relations, American Bible Society, 1865 Broadway, New York, NY 10023-7505, or call 866.895.4448.

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