My parents, Conrad and Geraldine Arnold
Given by Amy Arnold Brown

My father, Myrle Bly
Given by Ronald P. Bly

The Rev. Dr. Robert Galveston Bratcher
Given by American Bible Society

Lindsey Brown
Given by B & B Enterprises

James Cassel Sr., Grace Keiser McKinney and Helen M. Robinson
Given by Keith P. Robinson

My parents, Earl and Mildred Chew
Given by Thomas and Diane Boblasky

My father, Oliver Curwood Collins
Given by Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Collins

Mary Lesta Lowe Cosby
Given by Robert M. Cosby M.D.

My sister, Ella Davis
Given by Gloria L. Powell

Orvil Fischer
Given by Mr. and Mrs. Elroy A. Kelle

Our grandfather, Dr. Everett Noble Gibbens
Given by Jamila and Gavril Amartey

My mother, Gladys Harrell
Given by Mike Harrell

My wife, Dorothy F. Johnson
Given by William H. Johnson

Louise E. Johnston
Given by Maurice F. Johnston

My father, Louis King
Given by Mr. and Mrs. William Black

My mother, Mildred E. Ware
Given by Mrs. Marsha Sydow

My niece, Connie Warshall
Given by Mrs. Marion Ziegelmann

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