In Memoriam

Benjamin Edgar Johnson (1921-2012)

American Bible Society mourns the passing of B. Edgar Johnson who served on the American Bible Society Board starting in 1990 and became a trustee emeritus in 2005. Over his long life he was a servant leader in everything he endeavored, and God used him mightily. He served as secretary general in the International Church of the Nazarene and was a pastor and a writer. Everyone who knew him was impressed by his energy and zeal and blessed by his kindness and humility.

William A. Athens
Given by American Bible Society

Reid Barton
Given by Linda D. Barton

My Wife
Violet E. Becker
Given by Paul E. Becker

My Parents
Myrle and Lois Bly
Given by Ronald P. Bly

Charlotte Collier
Given by Esther Potter

Philip Gensheimer Jr.
Given by Mr. and Mrs. Marc Siegel

My Wife
Ella Mae Gibson
Given by Wayne Gibson

George Guyer
Given by American Bible Society

My Mother
Ruby Krueger
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell E. Schrader

Allan Pomeroy Matthew
Aylmer Francis Robinson
Lester Beauclerk Robinson
Given by Keith P. Robinson

My Daughter
Dianna Sue Cornell Murphy
Given by Mrs. Fanchon D. Cornell

My Mother
Caroline L. Reefer
Given by Joyce Reefer Deren

Helen A. Roybal
Given by Kerry T. Roybal

James P. Tallon
Given by Cynthia Tallon

Viva Upton and Marvel G. Upton
Given by Mr. and Mrs. Kent Cartrite

Keith R. Vice
Given by LaVonna Vice

Robert Von Hebb
Given by Kitoto Von Hebb

Mike Wells
Given by Glenn Miller

Jane Wheatall
Given by Ward Wheatall

Millard Williams Jr.
Given by American Bible Society

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