“Is there a God who cares?”

Giving orphans around the world hope from God’s Word!

Shanti* lived in poverty, hunger, and desperation. The child struggled just to survive. But, worst of all, she didn’t think anyone cared.

Born in India to a Hindu family, she lost her father when she was young. The child’s mother was consumed with trying to earn enough money to feed Shanti and her siblings. They still often went to bed without anything to eat.

“There was no one to help us,” Shanti says. “I was totally lost, not knowing what to do.” The situation got so bad that Shanti’s mother sent her to live in an orphanage at age 11.

Shanti remembers asking herself, “Is there a God who cares?”

Because of the generosity of American Bible Society supporters, Shanti got her answer!

At the orphanage, Shanti learned about God’s eternal love. Then Shanti received the gift of a lifetime — her very own Bible!

In it, she read about God’s Son, Jesus Christ, and learned about God’s love for her. She discovered that He would never leave or abandon her.

“After I gave my life to Jesus, I felt satisfied and my life has totally changed. I love Him and also tell of His love to others,” she says. “Jesus is my All in All. I know He loves me, cares for me, and I’m safe, because I trust Him.”

Shanti says her Bible gives her joy and comfort. “I love my Bible above everything,” she says. “It has taught me many things. I read the Bible daily in the morning and in the evening. It helps me live a good life.”

Because of the ongoing support of American Bible Society financial partners, children like Shanti in the worst of conditions, who think no one cares, will learn that their Heavenly Father loves them.

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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