“It was his first Bible.”

Military children and families feel loved as part of the Hero Squad

Heroes come in all sizes . . . even small ones.

Over 2 million children in the United States have had a parent deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. At least 19,000 of their parents have been wounded in action. More than 2,000 have lost a parent to war.

Like their parents, these boys and girls are heroes too. That’s why American Bible Society serves them with the free Hero Squad program.

Through the support of our generous friends like you, the Hero Squad provides every enrolled child, ages 3 to 17, with a children’s Bible and age-appropriate devotionals. They receive a welcome box delivered to their home containing an age-specific Bible, devotionals geared toward the unique needs of military children, and other fun items.

Military parents who are at-home caregivers also receive a Bible and tools for leading devotional times with their children, as well as items to show appreciation for their sacrifices. Every three months, the child receives a new box.

Our generous partners provide encouragement to children like 5-year-old Caiden and his family. Caiden’s dad serves in the military and they have moved six times in four years. Mom Meghan says the welcome package was a blessing.

“The package was loaded with a Bible for myself, a Bible for my son, a devotional and magazine for my son, a Hero Squad shirt that my son wears all the time, a Hero Squad bracelet with a Scripture verse, some coffee, a coffee cup, and a gift card,” Meghan says.

“It was really exciting,” Meghan adds. “Caiden thought it was awesome. He was over the moon to finally have his own Bible. It was his first Bible.”

Meghan says Caiden asks her so many questions about God that she’s glad he has a children’s Bible that breaks down Scriptural messages in a way he can understand. She says the packages lift their spirits. “It gives us something to look forward to.”

Thank you to our many faithful friends for making the Hero Squad possible!

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