“Jesus has transformed me into a new creation.”

Giving women in Mozambique hope through Scripture.

While the world was shutting down at the start of the pandemic, many who wished to find comfort in their faith were unable to meet, choosing to stay safe but separated. Some could look to their Bibles for strength, but still others, like Ruth*, had no Bibles of their own.

Yet despite the struggles of lockdowns, God still found His way into believers’ hearts.

When her church closed, Ruth was no longer able to hear Scripture that was read during church services.

But then she received her own Bible, thanks to the generosity of our friends.

“You gave me the greatest gift in the world — the Word of God,” Ruth says.

The Bibles provided have blessed Alima* as well. She was a practitioner of witchcraft before she heard the Good News from her niece. Now, Alima is a devout believer in God.

“Through the Bible, Jesus has transformed me into a new creation,” says Alima. “I am a free person.”

These are just two examples of the many people reached with God’s Word during the pandemic. Thank you to our partners for bringing these women hope and comfort through the gift of Bibles that are helping to transform lives with God’s Word!

*Name changed for privacy

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