Lekha’s Husband Transformed by God’s Word

One woman in Oman sees her husband transform from selfish addict to selfless provider.

For Lekha, a maid in Oman, the hardest part of life wasn’t the long hours spent sweeping or the backbreaking work of scrubbing a bathroom. It was going home to her husband. She says he was a “very rude and cruel man” who squandered the family’s money on alcohol and cigarettes. Night after night, Lekha sat up caring for their two daughters, feeling unloved and helpless.

But then, over time, Lekha began noticing changes in her husband. He spent more time at home. He checked his temper. Something was different.

“I asked him about the change,” Lehka says, “and he said that Jesus had changed his life.”

Jesus?, Lekha wondered. She pressed her husband for details, and the story he told surprised her. “He received a flier from the Telugu Church and decided to see what the special meeting was all about. He was touched by the speaker and decided to accept Jesus.”

Lekha didn’t know what “accept Jesus” meant, and she didn’t believe that some man her husband had learned about at church was going to make any difference. This won’t last, she thought, bracing herself for when her husband went back to his old ways.

Only he didn’t. In fact, things in their home got better and better.

“He became a loving man and started reading the Bible that was given by the Bible Society,” Lehka reports.

Thanks to your support, American Bible Society partners with Bible Society in the Gulf to provide Bibles—like the one Lekha’s husband received—to various churches and denominations in the area. Scripture is a valuable resource for migrant families, helping guide them through the emotional challenges of being far from familiar faces and customs

As Lekha’s husband read the Bible and prayed, he took better care of their family. He became a more loving father, spending time with the girls. He became a more loving husband, giving attention and care to Lekha.

After a year of these changes, Lekha realized the change was real and decided she better learn more about Jesus too. She invited her husband’s pastor over to their home, and then she visited the church where her husband first met Jesus.

“Listening and hearing the stories about Jesus and looking at other women and how God changed their lives, I decided to start praying to Jesus,” Lekha shares. “I too could feel the difference in my life.”

Lekha joined the church, was baptized, and is excited to tell others the story of how Jesus saved her and her husband—and how he can transform their lives too.

Your prayers and gifts bring Jesus’s love, grace, and life-transforming power to people who long for God’s Word. As Lekha loves to say, “Praise the Lord!”

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