Lowest of the low? Not in God’s eyes!

Placing Bibles in the hands of India’s “Untouchable” children

From the broad smile on his face, you would never know that 8-year-old Sameer* was born to be at the bottom of society.

In India, the Dalits have historically been seen as “the lowest of the low, the untouchables.” They are forced into the lowest paying jobs and viewed as outcasts. According to a 2019 BBC News report, “It is still common to see reports of Dalits being threatened, beaten, and killed for seemingly mundane reasons.”

Sameer’s dad is among those Dalits who must work very hard to support his family. “I am responsible for the cleaning work at a company,” he says. “Every day I have to travel an hour there and an hour back by bus.”

Sameer admits that food is not always available. “We do not always have three meals a day,” he says. “If it goes well, we have meat once every two weeks. We never actually eat vegetables.”

But in spite of his hardships, Sameer is filled with joy. Why?

“I come here to church to learn more about Jesus,” he says. “I learn a lot about the Bible.”

And thanks to the generosity of friends like you, Sameer received his very own copy of God’s Word! “I am very happy to have my own children’s Bible,” he says. “A children’s Bible is very special.”

In Scripture, Sameer learned that he is not the “lowest of the low” in God’s eyes. He learned that he was created with dignity and purpose and that God loves him.

The support of our financial partners introduces children like Sameer in India and around the world to a loving God through His Word, and we are so grateful.

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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