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Simon Barnes

Rev. Simon Barnes. Photo by David Singer

The Rev. Simon Barnes has served the American Bible Society for more than 14 years. This has taken various forms. Most recently, he led a partnership with Geneva Global Inc., where he helped demonstrate the effectiveness of the Bible Society’s programs in some of the most difficult areas of the world.

Drawing on his research expertise and his ministry experience, the Rev. Barnes joins our staff as executive vice president of development, marketing and research. He shares his vision for the future.

Q: Those who know you talk about your “pastor’s heart.” Where does that come from?

A: Well, I have been a pastor - an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church. From both my business experience and theological qualifications I’ve learned that the greatest asset of any enterprise is its people. The caring and feeding of people is essential.

Q: Why have you chosen to take on this new leadership role?

A: For two reasons. First, I’m excited about President Paul Irwin’s vision to increase the visibility of the Bible Society. I believe that the Bible Society is in a unique position to increase ministry impact across the full spectrum of Christian witness. I want us to be a catalyst for helping fulfill the mission of the 140 Bible Societies around the world, always looking to see where God’s Word can have the most significant impact.

Second, I’m excited by the challenge of engaging the next generation. There are so many who are desperately seeking answers yet don’t even know what questions to ask.

I’m honored to serve an organization that has remained true to its mission for nearly 200 years. But our great potential and mission have only been partly realized. We need to look beyond our own denominational circles and friendships; we need to pray for opportunities to engage those outside the church.

Q: What changes do you foresee at the American Bible Society?

A: We need to develop ways to take the Bible to the man and woman in the street - to engage them with the Bible. We need to demonstrate to them how the Bible is relevant to every situation. God’s Word is life-changing when people listen. Scripture is the anchor of our faith; the authority of the Word is the special lens through which people need to view the world.

Q: What would you like Record readers to know about Simon Barnes?

A: That I share their passion as a follower of Jesus Christ. God has opened this door - I know why I’m here and what I’m meant to do. I want to be his obedient servant. My vision is to help the Bible Society to be all it can be in raising up the Bible.

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