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Chairman of the Board, Dennis C. Dickerson, visits Amity Printing Company's new facility

Dr. Dickerson and Sister Wang Shuyun, who helped found China's first rural church. Photo by James Sheldrew

With other American Bible Society board members, I traveled to China for the opening of the Amity Printing Company's new facility in Nanjing. We watched as new pages of Scripture moved forward to be bound together and released for hungry believers across China and surrounding regions.

As we toured the new factory, workers showed us some of the tremendous efficiency of these print facilities. We also viewed a special edition of the Bible being prepared for distribution to athletes at the Summer Olympics. How exciting it was to think that, while the eyes of the world would be set on China, God's Word would find a place right in the heart of this global event.

We shared a minute of silence and prayer to remember the thousands who perished following the earthquake in Sichuan. The earthquake shook its soil just before our arrival, and we were struck during the opening by the mix of tragedy and joy taking place in the country. Please pray for all the ways God will continue to pour out his Spirit on this land.

This work is part of the privilege we share in connecting God's Word to people around the world. Thank you for your prayers and gifts for the mission of the American Bible Society. We count it a great joy to serve alongside you.

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