“My congregation cried with me.”

A pastor in Africa, his family, and his entire congregation were transformed by the healing Word of God.

Pastor Ibra Bambarra* accepted Jesus as a teenager. He grew up, got married, had children, and followed God’s call to the ministry.

Eventually, however, the deep wounds in his soul began to manifest. He was overbearing with his congregation. He became angry and abusive toward his wife and children. Terrified, his wife left him and went into hiding for some time. Ultimately, the leaders of his denomination confronted him about the situation.

That is when Pastor Bambarra received a life-changing invitation to attend training for Bible-based trauma healing. During this training, he realized that many issues lay at the root of his current problems, such as his father’s physical abuse and practice of pagan rituals. The death of his older brother. The betrayal of his uncles, who took everything the family had left when his father died and drove Bambarra, his widowed mother, and younger brothers out of town.

Traumatic events cause painful scars that can create a wall between the traumatized and their relationship with Christ. It prevents them from walking in love and can even cause them to hurt others.

Now, Pastor Bambarra says, “During the training, I understood the source of my problem. All the lessons helped me, but especially, taking our pain to the cross and forgiveness. I really saw my weaknesses and the solution to my problems. When I returned home, I humbled myself in front of my wife and asked her forgiveness. On Sunday morning during the service, I asked for forgiveness from the whole congregation with tears, and my congregation cried with me. It was so moving!”

We are grateful for the faithful support from our partners which makes it possible for thousands of people who have suffered abuse, disasters, crime, wars, and other traumatic events to receive life-changing trauma healing resources and Bibles! Pastor Bambarra adds, “I hope that all the pastors in Mali can be trained, because many suffer like me.”

*Names changed for privacy

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