“My son has now become a devoted follower of Christ.”

Providing Bibles to transform lives.

Even though she has faced many difficulties, Ling* is happy to be a longtime believer. When she first turned to the Bible 40 years ago, most Chinese churches convened only as house gatherings, and there were barely any Christian resources in her community. Even her husband did not share her faith at first, and later, she would struggle to share her faith with her sons.

Ling says, “All of us believers were so hungry and thirsty for God’s words. We took turns borrowing the Bible to read on our own. No one in our village had ever seen this book.”

Eventually, Ling’s husband came to share her faith in Jesus, and thanks to the support of our generous partners, Ling’s family and church finally received the Bibles they had waited so long to have!

But Ling also hoped her sons would share her faith. She recounts how she prayed for years: “Lord, You choose one of my sons. You choose the one which is the best one to serve You.” Eventually, she says, “God answered my number one prayer.”

When her youngest son was bitten by a venomous snake, and almost died, Ling was able to speak with him about Jesus as he recovered, and he grew to believe. She says, “My son has now become a devoted follower of Christ. My humble son is empowered with the Word of God. He reads his Bible daily and diligently.”

We are so thankful for our partners for providing Bibles so lives can be transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our faithful support brings Scripture to waiting hearts and hands in China and around the world.

*Names changed for privacy

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