“Now Our Lord Jesus Speaks Walak!”

A Thank You Letter from the Mission Field in Indonesia

Written by Anwar Tjen, the Head of Bible Translation for Indonesian Bible Society


Tears of joy were streaming down their faces.

They were praying and waiting at the entrance of their village in Papua—the easternmost province of Indonesia. The Walak people, with their community and church leaders, had been waiting for the arrival of the Indonesian Bible Society’s team and partners.

It was a tiring journey from our Bible Society’s headquarters in Jakarta. First, we traveled to Sentani, Papua. Then we took a light aircraft to Kobakma. Finally, we journeyed on a rocky road for roughly two hours to reach that village—a remote area with no electricity or cellular network.

But the long travel was instantly forgotten at the joy of seeing the welcoming community.

That very day, Monday, September 13, 2021, became the moment to remember God’s faithfulness to the Walak people. The first New Testament in their mother tongue was about to be dedicated at a special service. Three times already the plan was postponed under the pandemic restrictions.

Finally, God answered their prayers!

Initially, the good news of the Bible was delivered to the Walak people in the Lani language by neighboring Lani preachers. With the publication of the Walak New Testament, now the Walak people can read God’s Word in the language of their hearts. As one Walak leader put it: “Formerly Jesus came to our village speaking Lani to us. Now he speaks Walak to proclaim the good news to us.”

The publication of the Walak New Testament was made possible thanks to the generous support of partners like you—who are committed to serve God’s Kingdom through Bible ministry. And the translation team will continue their dedicated work of translating the whole Bible into the Walak language. Prayers and support to sustain their challenging journey ahead will be needed from all who love the Word of God.

Thank you!

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