“Now, we have . . . a reason for living.”

Finding purpose and healing through God's Word.

Liu Xiou* and Zhang* have been married for 50 years and truly enjoy spending time together. They can often be found cleaning fish in front of their humble home in a remote village in China. But hard work and long days had taken a toll on Zhang, leaving her with debilitating back pain. Ultimately, her doctor confirmed her fear that she would never walk again.

Zhang spent the next two years bedridden, certain that nothing could be done. During that time, some local friends began to visit and share the Christian faith with the couple. Before long, Liu and Zhang accepted Jesus as their Savior, and in the months that followed, Zhang’s condition began to improve. She began to sit up on her own and was eventually able to stand and take a few steps.

When they asked about her apparent healing, Zhang smiled and said, “Yes, I can sit and move now . . . but that is not our biggest reason for rejoicing.”

Zhang was referring to the Bible they were given, thanks to the generosity of caring friends at American Bible Society. “Now, we have a purpose and a reason for living,” she says. “God did not give us big skills or much money, but He has given us a job to do.”

They love the story of Peter because he was a fisherman like their son, who often brings them fish. Now, whenever people visit, Liu and Zhang happily share their fish and the Gospel message with them. They have become fishers of men!

Thank you to our generous friends for providing first Bibles to people like Liu and Zhang through the church in rural China and across the globe. Our partners are helping transform lives and eternities through God’s Word.

*Names changed for privacy

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