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Through Journeys, God's Word can be delivered by SMS and a variety of other methods such as e-mail and audio.
Through Journeys, God's Word can be delivered by SMS and a variety of other methods such as e-mail and audio.

“When the rain pours, the thunder rolls, lightning flashes and the winds roar, don’t let your heart be troubled…Trust in the Lord to bring you through whatever you may be facing. “

For many of us, it's rare to encounter people who share uplifting words like these outside of a church building. But these words weren't taken from the Bible or a church service; they were part of a fan's wall post on Circle of Prayer, American Bible Society's interconfessional Facebook page. With more than 70,000 fans, Circle of Prayer is an open environment in which people can post prayers, make requests, offer praise and encourage each other.

This online ministry is just one of many Bible resources ABS offers to those who seek to develop their relationship with God through his Word.

Engaging a new generation with Scripture

The Bible can guide, comfort and encourage us. But if people aren't familiar with God's Word, they won't know how to access its life-changing words. That's why ABS created Journeys.

Offering 27 different topics, Journeys covers issues such as poverty, divorce, love and parenting to help people find direction through a series of Bible readings and reflections. Journeys is available in multiple formats: online, e-mail, audio and text messaging.

For those curious to learn about God's Word, an online search can be the starting point. Bible Search is a tool to help people pinpoint topical verses in Scripture. Think of it as a Bible-specific version of popular web search engines, such as Google or Yahoo. People can search by book, chapter and verse, as Bible Search scours nine of the most popular translations for words, phrases or subjects the user wants to find.

For those looking to get a more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of God's Word, the Daily Bible Reading is another option. A continuous devotional that fosters consistent Bible engagement, Daily Bible Reading contains a daily five- to six-minute passage from the Bible, a reflection and a prayer.

For those who want to study God's Word, the Bible Resource Center is available. An online database of study guides, maps, commentaries and other diverse content, the Bible Resource Center is a versatile tool that allows users to benefit from many biblical scholars about the different facets of the Bible, Christianity and our culture.

Making new connections

While Bible engagement is paramount, so too is connecting as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. ABS offers Share Your Story Now, a website that gives people a public platform to discuss what God's Word has meant to them. Anyone can submit a written or video testimony; the community of registered users can interact and respond. Christian artists, authors and leaders also are featured on Share Your Story Now.

ABS also has an active presence on social networking sites: Facebook and Twitter.

Through its digital ministry, ABS is reaching out to the online generation by offering anywhere-anytime access to God's Word — how and when they want it.

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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