President's Message - Taking God at His Word

Through Journeys, God's Word can be delivered by SMS and a variety of other methods such as e-mail and audio.

I often tell our staff, “If we're not sure at what we're aiming, we can be sure to miss it every time.”

And isn't this true for our lives as well? Don't we each need to take the time to stop and get our bearings, making sure we are moving toward God's deepest desires for us?

But to do this, we have to take God at his Word. We have to remain consistent and intent on meeting with him in Scripture. It is the place where we are reminded of every promise, every hope and every good thing that Jesus has for us.

This is a promise that undergirds all of our work at American Bible Society. It is the passion behind our efforts for church and ministry leaders to bring Bible Sunday to their churches and communities.

It is why we are stepping forward to petition your prayer and support to help let God's Word heal a profoundly broken Democratic Republic of the Congo.

And it is why we can bring the grace of God's forgiveness to the incarcerated.

Thank you for continuing to labor with us through your prayers and gifts. I am so very grateful for your partnership to stay the course in this Gospel ministry.

R. Lamar Vest

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