“It brought joy to our entire family!”

Sarah’s* husband is a Marine Corps Infantry Officer who has been deployed many times to extremely dangerous regions of the world. The couple has four active, growing children, so they were very happy to discover the Bible Society’s Hero Squad outreach, which provides military families with children’s Bibles, devotionals, and other Scripture resources with the help of dedicated partners like you.

“We want God to be the center of our home,” Sarah shares. “We received our first Bible box from Hero Squad, and it brought joy to our entire family!” Her husband was amazed and very grateful when he saw what his children received.

Sarah noticed that her oldest daughter began reading her new Bible right away. “It was really neat for her to look at a verse and realize, ‘Oh, this is what God actually said to us,’” Sarah explained.

When asked what she thought about friends like you who make this possible, Sarah replied, “We feel very blessed. They are really making a difference, especially in the lives of the kids, and providing them with content that they can understand, that has eternal significance. It is teaching them that the Lord Jesus is loving them no matter what their family has been called to.”

Thank you for your support, which brings military children and families closer to Christ as they meet Him through the Bibles and devotionals you help provide.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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