Reaching the Unreachable with the Gospel, Changing Lives for Good

Helping entire communities see, hear, and engage God’s Word.

Nanaka is a cattle keeper whose life was transformed when he met a shepherd.

“I was a cattle keeper, believing in traditional gods of my ancestors, worshipping and sacrificing to them,” he explains. “Watching ‘The JESUS Film,’ I heard Jesus speaking in our language. He was a good shepherd with a similar culture. That motivated me to accept Christ as my Savior.”

American Bible Society is helping reach entire communities of hard-to-reach people through this film as part of our End-to-End strategy. Like so many others, Nanaka heard the Gospel through the powerful JESUS film. But he didn’t know how to make faith a part of daily life.

That’s where step two of the End-to-End strategy makes an important difference. Through local audio Scripture listening groups, new believers can grow in their faith by hearing God’s Word.

Participating in the listening group “cleared most of my doubts and misconceptions concerning Christianity and my day-to-day life,” Nanaka says. The cattle keeper explains the audio sessions not only changed his life but transformed his entire community.

“God’s Word is changing our people,” he says. “Our children go to school. God’s Word has changed some of the cultural practices. We are no longer treating women with contempt, or practicing polygamy and stealing cattle.”

The final step in the End-to-End strategy places God’s Word in the hands of people so they can continue to grow spiritually as they engage in Scripture, as a life-long discipline. We also pour into these believers through discipleship efforts, church plantings, and more.

The End-to-End strategy is making a big difference for people like Nanaka all around the world. In one year alone, 9,417 new believers came to Christ through the strategy and 618 new churches were planted. We are thankful for American Bible Society financial partners who are supporting this incredible effort!

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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