Rwandan Teen’s Life Changed by God’s Word

Reading her first Bible daily is bringing her closer to God.

Umutesi, a 17-year old girl living in a small Rwandan village in Central Africa, just received the best gift of her young life: her first Bible.

Umutesi took part in American Bible Society’s End-to-End program in Rwanda. She faithfully attended the regular audio Bible listening group at her local church and listened to more than 60 percent of the New Testament.

Rwanda is a country of more than 11 million people, many of whom have not yet experienced the healing and hope found in Scripture. The people of Rwanda have endured genocide, wars, and civil strife. American Bible Society is working to put the healing love of God into action for them.

Umutesi will never forget the day she received her very own Bible! “It was my first Bible, and I was very happy.”

She loves reading God’s Word: “It is a guide helping me to keep my relationship with God. It will continue to lead me in my life and brings me closer to Him.”

She reads her Bible daily. “My life has changed!” she smiles.

American Bible Society programs like End-to-End engage the next generation in Scripture to build their faith in God.

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