Serving Those Who Serve

Freedom comes at a price. Our nations veterans know this full well as they endure, on a day-to-day basis, the lasting effects of duty and war. So, the Armed Services Ministry of American Bible Society, in collaboration with Veteran Affairs (VA) chaplain consultants, developed the God Understands series: A resource created to provide healing, hope and comfort to Veterans dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder and the spiritual, physical and emotional brokenness brought on by active duty service.

Based on the Spiritual Injury Scale used by VA chaplains, real life situations about Veterans are shared to help identify spiritual injuries that often lead to feelings of uncertainty.
There is a common human thread that flows through our frailties, our weaknesses, our heartaches and our sufferings—and a common thread of hope that so many have found through prayer and Scripture.

Please share this tool with those veterans and their families you know who may benefit from the content.

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Give God's promise of hope to our soldiers!

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