She experienced pain that no child should . . .

Persecuted believers in the Middle East cling to hope in the Scriptures

Nadia’s* childhood was a nightmare.

She grew up in a volatile region of the Middle East where the persecution of Christian families like hers was unbearable.

“They threatened my father three times and wanted the church to stop holding prayer meetings. Terrorists kidnapped him. My father was tortured. They killed my father,” Nadia recalls tearfully. “On my father’s body, they put a sign that said, ‘This man is not worthy to be buried.’”

Just months later, Nadia’s mother died, forcing her to provide for her siblings by digging graves.

“We were living in so much fear,” she explains. The situation did not improve as Nadia got older, married, and had a family of her own.

“They harassed us and threatened us when they knew we were a Christian family living among them,” she shares. One time, someone broke into their home and Nadia had to hide in the locked bathroom with her children. Finally, Nadia and her family fled the region.

As refugees, they found a local church that gave them food, assistance, and a Bible provided by our friends.

As she read her Bible, memorizing Scripture and the Psalms, Nadia gained strength from her faith and learned how to pray more effectively.

“My life changed,” she says. “I now know Him better. I have many questions, so I search out the Bible and do not close it until I find answers to my questions. We did not have such a strong faith in the Lord Jesus before. Now, however, we believe in Him more and pray to Him more.”

Thank you to our partners for providing Bibles to persecuted believers in the Middle East.

*Name changed for privacy

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