“Thanks to the Bible, I can now love…”

Giving children in Asia and beyond hope through children’s Bibles!

Adeline* was born in a poor mountain village in Asia, in a region where poverty makes life hard and where Christians are often persecuted.

But no outside struggles could compare to the pain this child endured in her own home.

“My father was drunk all the time and he would beat my mom, my brother, and me. I have a lot of scars on my body from his beatings. One time, he beat my mom in front of us and injured her very badly. We cried so much,” she shares.

The frightened child struggled with feelings of hatred toward her father. Happiness and joy seemed out of reach.

Adeline was curious about the people who went in and out of the church near her home every Sunday. Eventually, she went to Sunday School and her life was never the same! Thanks to the generosity of friends like you who provided children’s Bibles in the region, Adeline found hope.

“After attending for several months, my teacher gave me a small children’s Bible story book from the Bible Society,” Adeline says. “I was so excited to read it that I finished the whole book.”

Through God’s Word, Adeline met a Heavenly Father she could depend on. She found joy in the midst of her trials and learned about the power of forgiveness through Scripture.

“Without a Bible, I would not have forgiven my dad and my life would still be full of bitterness. I hated my father so much. But thanks to the Bible, I can love him now,” she says. “Also, I would not be happy like I am now.”

Today, the 11-year-old has a sweet smile that is contagious. She has found joy and hope thanks to the support of our generous financial partners who placed Scripture in her hands and heart.

“I have a lot of joy when I listen to Bible stories,” Adeline says. “I feel no more pain because God is my refuge and healer. Before, I was scared and would never smile, but now I smile a lot.”

Thank you to our friends for providing children’s Bibles that introduce hurting children like Adeline to their Heavenly Father.

*Name changed for privacy

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