“The Bible is our greatest treasure!”

In China, a brother and sister count God’s Word as their prized possession.

Jin* and Lan* are siblings who share a small plot of farmland in China. Both in their 70s, they live on less than $10 a day because they are too old to work. Their modest home contains a few pieces of furniture, some prized possessions … and a coffin.

“Our local tradition demands that when we turn 70, we prepare this coffin so when we die, our neighbors have someplace to put us,” they explain. “Then our neighbors, friends and family are expected to place gold coins and other precious metals in the casket to sustain us in eternity. We have made it clear to them we want them to save their coins and possessions. All we want with us is our Bible! The Bible is our greatest treasure!”

Though they have little by way of earthly possessions, Jin and Lan know that their greatest gift is the love of Jesus Christ.

The Church in China continues to grow, with one million new believers joining every year. Some churches are so full, people stand outside to hear God’s Word and people from rural communities walk hours to attend a church service. But an estimated 25 million Chinese Christians still don’t have a copy of God’s Word.

The support of American Bible Society’s financial partners makes sure believers like Jin and Lan receive their very own Bible. Together, we are changing lives in China and around the world through the gift of God’s Word.

*Names changed to protect identities.

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