“The Bible means eternal life . . .”

For this Zambian family, hearing the Bible is believing!

Malindi* thought her life was challenging enough when her husband walked out on her and their eight children.

She was a single mom forced to work and provide for her children in Zambia, an extremely poor region of the world. They lived in a crowded compound with no running water, no electricity, and poor sanitation. She didn’t think life could get any harder. Then Malindi started losing her sight.

“My sight problem makes it difficult for me to see and read the Bible properly,” Malindi says. As she struggled to read her Bible, she began losing her temper more often, even getting into fights.

Then, thanks to the support of friends like you, Malindi learned that she could hear God’s Word through a local audio Bible listening group.

“I was extremely excited and overjoyed,” Malindi says. While attending the listening group, Malindi learned more about what God wants for her life.

“There has been a transformation both physically and spiritually,” she says. “There has been a great difference in the manner in which I interact with people. I am now calm and no longer get into fights.”

When she joined the audio Bible listening group, Malindi was also given a Bible in her heart language. “I really felt highly cared for through this wonderful gift,” she says. “I am still speechless about this experience. The Bible means eternal life as it has uplifted my life to a higher level.”

Our financial partners’ ongoing support of our efforts will bring Scripture to more people in Zambia and beyond who struggle with sight.

*Name changed to protect privacy

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