“The Bible means everything to me,” says a mother in China.

While the door remains open, we must provide as many Bibles as possible!

Cheng* spent most of her days working in the fields on her farm in China. She did not know the Lord, but when her son damaged his eye and they feared he would lose his sight, God captured Cheng’s attention.

She turned to God with tears in her eyes, pleading for her son to not go blind. “If he can see, then he can read this good book,” she said.

Around that time, Bibles were brought to her area and she received one of her own. Her son’s eyesight was restored and they began reading the Bible together.

“If I did not read this book, I would not really know God. I would still be lost,” says Cheng. “The Bible means everything to me. When I read it, God is speaking to me.”

The Church in China is exploding with an estimated 1 million new believers, like Cheng, joining churches across the country each year. We must do what we can to provide the Word of God to as many as possible because we do not know how long the door will remain open to spreading the gospel.

“I use any time I am not working to spend time with God in his Word,” Cheng says. “My friends who do not truly know God rely on money and their strength. I rely on God. He is my strength.”

The support of American Bible Society’s financial partners puts Bibles in the hands and hearts of people like Cheng and her family. Thank you for continuing to impact lives through your faithful generosity.

*Name changed to protect identity

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