The Legacy of Eleanor Wilson

How a faithful partner who went home to glory is still influencing the world for Jesus

Eleanor Wilson followed Jesus faithfully.

Eleanor lived in a cottage on a hill with Bible verses and hymns calligraphied over its walls. “The church was her life,” Eleanor’s friend Linda Clement recalls. “I could start any Bible verse, and she could finish it!”

Eleanor Wilson worked diligently.

As a girl, Eleanor carried water to the cows on her father’s farm in Maine. She lugged coal to poor neighbors in need of heat. As an adult, she pursued a career in library science when it was rare for women to enter the workforce. She cared for those around her consistently and respectfully. “She was quiet. She was humble. She loved everyone,” says Linda.

Eleanor Wilson gave generously.

“She loved American Bible Society,” Linda says. “Instead of buying anything for herself, she would rather share the Word of God.”

Eleanor was always looking for opportunities to give. She inspired those near her to do the same. “Eleanor and her family had a big influence on my values and behavior,” says Eleanor’s cousin Sarah.

Eleanor Wilson lives eternally.

Today, Eleanor is with Jesus. When Eleanor entered into glory last year at the age of 92, she continued her legacy of generosity by remembering American Bible Society in her Will.

And through her Will, she is still introducing people to Jesus through the pages of Scripture—the remarkable legacy of a remarkable woman.

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