“The Word of God Saved Me. . . ”

Audio Bibles are changing lives in Rwanda.

Life turned sour for Abel* when his wife gave herself to witchcraft and left him alone to raise their five children by himself. Without his spouse, Abel felt emotionally and spiritually abandoned. He struggled, not knowing who or what to turn to.

These feelings of deep despair are familiar to many in Rwanda who long for a Bible of their own. Four out of 10 people in the country live in poverty and can’t afford Scripture.

But thanks to the support of our faithful partners, Abel joined an audio Bible listening group and changed his life after receiving God’s Word.

What Abel found in the listening group and in Scripture brought him strength and comfort. He says, “I was very lonely. But since I joined the listening group, I met my brothers and sisters, and we discuss about the Word of God. As an old man, it makes me feel that I am not alone.”

Abel is one of the thousands of people in Rwanda who attend audio Bible listening groups. This year alone, hundreds more have committed their lives to Christ after participating in this life-changing audio Bible outreach.

Abel says, “The Word of God saved me from alcoholism, smoking, fornication, and other things that do not please God. I continued to grow in faith and gained friends because of the cooperation in listening to God’s Word.”

Abel is grateful to have God’s Word to turn to. He says, “Old people like me who do not have the Word of God are missing something important in their lives.”

The ongoing support from our generous partners helps bring Bibles to hurting people like Abel. We are so thankful that spiritual healing is being brought to people throughout Rwanda and beyond.

*Name changed for privacy

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