“These Bibles are like manna from Heaven.”

Continuing to take the Good News to the Arabian Peninsula this Christmas

The Good News of Jesus Christ is heading to the unreached in the Arabian Peninsula and around the world through Bibles and Christmas booklets, thanks to friends like you.

This December, in addition to providing Bibles, our partners will help distribute a Christmas booklet in 11 different languages. This booklet will give the reader a basic understanding of who Jesus is in their own heart language.

People in the Arabian Peninsula need to meet Jesus Christ through Scripture more than ever. Pastor Burman* says, “These days, people are depressed and are facing more problems than ever before. This book is so timely, so biblical, and so comprehensive.”

Another leader, Pastor Ahmad*, agrees: “This year,we all feel a little lonelier, as we are all worried about our loved ones who live far away from us. It is an unprecedented situation, and the churches are really struggling to respond to our members’ spiritual and emotional needs. This booklet will help us in meeting these needs.”

Below are some testimonies that share the impact of Bibles and Christmas booklets.

“No one who reads this book will ever miss the redemptive purpose of Christ’s mission.”

— Elder John

“These Bibles are like manna from Heaven.” — Leah

“This will be a real Christmas gift to our people. Thanks to God for remembering us in getting this booklet translated into our languages.” — Pastor Donald

Because of the faithful and continued support from our partners, people throughout the Arabian Peninsula will know the hope that Jesus Christ brings this holiday season.

*Name changed for privacy

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