They had never heard the name Jesus Christ…

Giving a persecuted new believer the courage to bring Scripture into his village in India!

For some, being a Christian could mean dying for their faith. That’s just one of the reasons Vikas’* story is incredible.

Born in a small village in India without a single Christian . . . his people had never even heard the name Jesus Christ! That all changed when a copy of the newly translated Gospel of Matthew found its way into Vikas’ hands while he was away from home, thanks to American Bible Society supporters like you.

Vikas accepted Christ as his Savior! Then, he did a very brave thing — he took the hope of Scripture back to his village.

In this region of the world, harassment and violence against Christians are increasing. Mobs threaten Christians with violence and attack churches. However, when Vikas moved back to his village, he continued to read his Bible daily. Soon his faith would be tested.

During one festival, villagers throughout the region are expected to bow before a god at their local temple. When Vikas didn’t go, the priest went to his home and asked why.

“I have found a new God,” Vikas explained and showed the priest his Scripture book. The priest tore up the book and had a mob drag Vikas to the temple. They tried to force him to bow before the village god.

“No, I’m not bowing to an idol,” Vikas insisted. The people began to punch him, kick him, and beat him. The police even threw Vikas in jail for the night.

However, when he was released the next day, many people from the village were curious about the God who gave Vikas the strength to endure such persecution. Vikas put his Gospel of Matthew back together and began sharing the Good News with his people.

So far six other families have come to Christ in that village and are worshipping Jesus — all because of Vikas’ testimony!

When you support American Bible Society’s efforts to translate and distribute Scripture, even in areas where the risk of persecution is high, you are impacting eternity.

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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