“They threatened to imprison me.”

Orphaned Christian overcame persecution and now disciples in secret.

Malaya* was a very lonely child, filled with bitterness and hate.

She lived in an orphanage in a very poor region of Asia and felt that no one cared what happened to her. She bullied younger kids in the orphanage and acted out in anger.

“I was very isolated. I did not trust anyone in the world,” she says.

Then one Christmas she received a gift that changed her life. Because of the kindness of friends like you, Malaya heard about God’s hope and peace from Scripture. Bible Society friends gave Malaya her own Bible and encouraged her to read about Jesus on her own. It was the best Christmas gift!

After learning about God’s love, Malaya decided to put her trust in Him and became a Christian! God transformed Malaya’s life.

“God changed me from being filled with hate to being filled with love,” she says.

Sadly, Malaya’s suffering wasn’t over. Her newfound faith in God led to severe persecution. Those who ran the orphanage forbade her from reading her Bible. She was beaten, threatened, punished, and forced to eat food sacrificed to idols.

“They want to control our faith,” Malaya explains. “They threatened to imprison me; I have been beaten and scolded. They have taken away my Bible, twice, and all related materials.”

Because of friends like you, we were able to replace Malaya’s Bible each time.

“The school president called me in front of the school and asked me to denounce Christianity. I was embarrassed as everyone looked at me.”

Through it all, Malaya held firm in her faith and read Scripture for strength. God sustained her through Scripture in the midst of her suffering.

“When I read the Bible, I felt the difference and the peace it gave me,” she says. “It is a life-changing book. The Bible has shown me my value in Jesus. I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength.”

Malaya’s faith is so strong that she now disciples in secret. Two-thirds of the girls at her orphanage have become believers!

American Bible Society financial partners make it possible to give orphans like Malaya comfort and hope. Their continued gifts will help Scripture reach more people in Asia and give persecuted Christians strength.

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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