“They’ve never heard the name of Jesus.”

Providing God’s Word in the most hostile unreached regions of the world!

We may never know their names. We may never know where they live. But we know this . . . our partners are changing eternities.

Through our friends’ heart for the Bible, we are reaching the unreached in some of the most hostile and least evangelized regions of the world. From the Middle East to Africa, to South America and Asia, our partners are sharing Bibles with those who desperately need God’s Word.

The exact locations where our partners are distributing Bibles and translating Scripture cannot even be named because lives are at risk. In some regions, Christians face intense persecution and even death for proclaiming Jesus Christ.

Despite the risks, these people are begging for Bibles! Many dream of having their own copy of God’s Word and weep with gratitude when our friends make that dream come true. Others need Scripture because they have never heard the name of Jesus. Omar* was one of those.

Omar* is a poor farmer who lives in a region that’s very hostile to Christianity. His story of faith began when a man approached him as he watered his crops. The man told him about God, inviting Omar to listen to an audio Bible at his home.

“I have never heard these kinds of words in all my life,” Omar told the Christian. “What is this that we are hearing about?” Omar learned he was hearing about Jesus in the Bible and brought the audio Bible home for his family to listen as well.

As they listened, Omar’s wife said, “I feel something powerful. I feel that someone is talking with me. I believe that is Jesus.” Eventually, Omar’s entire family accepted Jesus Christ!

This is the eternity-changing difference our generous partners are making!

*Name changed for privacy

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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