“This Bible is a miracle.”

Providing God’s Word to the lost in Southeast Europe.

Lost. Hopeless. Worthless. These are the words Elena* used to describe herself.

The 22-year-old woman grew up in Macedonia in extreme poverty. When some family members lost their jobs, making survival even more difficult, Elena fell into depression and suffered from anxiety.

“I felt hopeless. I felt worthless and had panic attacks. I thought that things would get worse,” she says. “I had very bad and destructive habits and thoughts. I was lost.”

Poor families in places like Macedonia, Greece, Albania, and Serbia struggle to imagine a future. Unemployment has robbed them of their hope.

When she was at her lowest, Elena went to church. There, she received her very own Bible thanks to the support of generous friends like you who love serving Bibleless people. It made all the difference for Elena.

“Every word touched my heart,” she says. “I felt indescribable peace and relief.”

The young woman experienced a surge of hope as she heard God speaking to her. After reading Scripture, Elena felt connected with God. She says the Bible “means a new beginning for me,” and allows her to “feel God’s presence around me.”

Elena says the Bible helped give her hope. “This Bible is a miracle,” she declares.

The support of our financial partners gives people who are trapped in poverty like Elena hope for a better future and the comfort of a loving Heavenly Father found in His Word. Most of the young adults and children who receive Scriptures in this region have never even seen a Bible or New Testament before!

*Name has been changed to protect privacy

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