“This Is the Best Book Ever Written!”

After waiting all their lives, an elderly Chinese couple receives their first Bible.

Youxian, age 67, and her husband Yuangui, age 74, live at the end of the road, on what seems like the edge of the world.

Their small hut sits perched atop a remote mountain in China far from neighbors or towns. That’s why it was unusual for a stranger to come walking up to their door.

The elderly couple explains that is exactly what happened years ago when a Christian man stopped by their home while walking through the mountains.

He asked if he could spend the night and actually stayed with them for days, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The couple wanted to learn much more about God, so they began making a weekly trek down the mountain to the village church. Then one day they heard that Bibles were being brought there!

Youxian says, “I spent one-half day traveling to the church. One-half day traveling back up the mountain. To have our own copy [of the Bible] to read here on the mountaintop towards the end of our lives is almost a miracle. We read our Bible each day … this is the best book ever written!”

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