“This is the book that shows me the path to God.”

The Bible frees a zealot from anger and fear.

Yannick* was raised with anger and hate.

Born into extreme poverty in a rural village of Benin, Yannick was taught to be a zealous Muslim. He knew nothing but anger for anyone who did not share his beliefs. But the anger really grew out of fear.

“We lived in constant fear,” he admits. Yannick was desperate to find peace. But he felt nothing except confusion.

Then, Yannick found hope in a very unusual place . . . a funeral.

He attended a funeral that didn’t follow the typical mourning rituals. It was filled with faith, hope, and celebration!

“The preacher made me happy through his invitation to openness to other religions for God’s sake,” Yannick remembers. He wanted to know more about the God of love who gave such peace even during a funeral.

Soon after, Yannick received a Bible in his own Bariba language. The book changed his life! He met God in His Word. Yannick accepted Jesus Christ into his heart and is learning more about God through the Scriptures.

“The Bible is in my language. It tells me who God is and what He expects of us,” Yannick says.

Yannick says he is finally free from the fear and anger he lived under.

“This is the book that shows me the path to God. This Word comforts me and helps me live close to Jesus. There is no life outside of Christ,” he says. “God’s Word has influenced me — I am no longer violent. I spend more time with God, and I help the needy when I can.”

The continued faithfulness of American Bible Society friends will provide Bibles and help free even more people like Yannick from fear and anger.

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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