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Bibles for Orphans at Christmas

Bolivia: Priceless Joy

The kids in the orphanages often come from very traumatic backgrounds. Many were physically abused. A large percentage of them were abused by family members. Some were simply abandoned, and they were forced to fend for themselves and live on the streets.

One boy I met, Carlos, 11, was locked in his bedroom with no food for days. His mom simply left the house one evening and didn't come home. Neighbors rescued him and brought him to the orphanage. Carlos subsequently gave his life to Christ.

Seeing the joy on each child's face as they received their very own Bible . . . was utterly priceless. . . .

The children were spellbound and captivated by their new Bible. I've never seen anything like it before. They all sat and thoroughly studied and read it.

Carlos was absolutely thrilled with his new illustrated Bible and said, “the illustrations will help me understand the Bible better.” Carlos wants to be a doctor when he grows up. He said, “There are a lot of people who live on the streets and get hurt, and I want to be able to help them.”

Thank you for blessing children like Carlos, all around the world, with a brand new Children's Bible of their very own! I know it will be a huge impact on the lives of these precious children.

By Kim Carter

Democratic Republic of the Congo: The Flame of Love

As I think of these orphans, I am reminded of something Dr. Diane Langberg (co-chair of the advisory council for She's My Sister™) told me this spring. She said that traumatized kids cannot learn in school. Until they work through their emotional wounds, they cannot physically focus on learning new things. They will be stuck in a cycle of pain. . . . I'm glad that we have the opportunity to bring them Bibles so they can learn of God's real character and call on their lives.

Sister Alvera runs a shelter for orphans, widows and other women displaced by war. It's called Flame of Love. She is someone I wish [everyone] could meet. She is a living model of the joy of service, someone who has taken to heart Jesus's message. As she put it in a recent letter,

“there is no greater love than to give your own life for those you love.” More from that same letter: “The work we do for widows, orphans, raped children, raped women and disabled women is not an easy task. But we trust in the Lord who asks us to see him in the poor, small and abandoned people. We contemplate the face of Christ in the faces of these women and children we support.”

By John Walter

Romania: All You Need is Love

As an observer, I was impressed with the way the children reacted to our visits. In one of the high schools, just outside of Bucharest, every student stood at attention and welcomed us warmly when we walked through the door. One of the young ladies approached me and handed me gifts from the class, including a painting of Jesus that she had painted and signed.

We were given the opportunity to pass out candy and New Testaments for every student in the class. One of the young men, named George, spoke wonderful English. When I asked him what he needed most, he said, “I need my parents' love.” All of these children live in poverty, and yet they long more for love and attention than anything else.

As we drove back, I reflected on my visit, and one thing stood out more than anything else: the joy that all of the children we visited had, even in extreme poverty. I realized that these children had never experienced anything close to what we often take for granted here in the United States. These children were happy and content with what they had because they knew nothing else. I am thankful that the Lord has allowed me the honor and privilege of spreading his holistic message through his Word, which is as relevant and life changing as ever.

By Bob Hobbs

India: Please Take My Picture

Siddapura Child Development Center stands in the heart of Bangalore. This center serves 250 children below the poverty level by supplying them with a warm meal, school fees and school supplies, and an after-school program that teaches them about Jesus Christ.

While taking photos of a group of children, I felt a tug on my shirt and a familiar phrase heard at every orphanage I visited: “Uncle, Uncle, please take my picture!” a young boy pleaded, calling me by the title all visitors receive upon visiting the orphanages. I obliged, of course, and snapped a picture while he struck a pose.

“What is your name?” he then asked. After introducing myself, he grabbed my hand and vigorously started shaking it. Beaming up at me he said, “My name is Raj Nikhil. Now you know us, Uncle,” referring to all the children at the center.

Standing in that crowded room on the other side of the world, God used Raj Nikhil's words to remind me just how vast his love and kingdom extends.

Being able to watch the children receive their Scriptures was so amazing. They would immediately start to read them with one another, and their excitement was contagious. There was so much happiness in that room, and I feel so blessed to have been a part of it!

By Michael Gibeault

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