“When it comes time to die, people need Scripture.”

Veterans find peace in Bibles, Scripture resources you provide through hospice Chaplain.

Chaplain Elizabeth* knows that you don’t have to be on the frontlines of the battlefield to see death all around you. Elizabeth is a Chaplain who serves our brave Veterans and military families going through hospice care. “When it comes time to die, people need Scripture,” she says. “They need something solid that reminds them of God’s love.”

Thanks to the generosity of our financial partners, Elizabeth offers the comfort and encouragement of Bibles and Scripture resources to those who are near death, as well as to their families.

She shares the story of an Air Force Veteran, Frank*, whose wife was in hospice. As Elizabeth was talking to Frank’s wife about spiritual things, she noticed, “He would sit there and soak it

up like a sponge.” Frank asked Elizabeth for material so he could study on his own and she gave him a military edition Bible provided by our friends. It was the first and only Bible he had ever owned!

“He started reading and asking questions,” Elizabeth says. “After his wife died, he started going to church with me. One time, after they did the salvation prayer, I looked up and he had tears streaming down his face. He said, ‘You’ve changed my life forever.’ It started with the Bible. He cherishes that Bible.”

Elizabeth recalls another patient in hospice care, a World War II Veteran, whose eyesight made it hard to read regular-print Bibles. Through our partners generosity, Elizabeth was able to provide him with a large-print edition. “He reads his large-print Bible every day,” she says.

One resource that offers a lot of comfort to hospice patients is American Bible Society’s God Understands series, which offers answers from Scripture about death and dying.

“I could not do my ministry without Bibles and that God Understands series,” Elizabeth says.

We are deeply thankful for our partners for giving comfort through Scripture to Veterans and their families as they face death.

*Name changed for privacy

Thanks to the support of our faithful financial partners, American Bible Society has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for more than 200 years.

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