Winter 2010 ? Please Pray

The typhoon Morakot swept into Mainland China this past August. Deaths were reported and millions of people were forced to flee their homes for safety. Pray for God’s mercy to keep people safe. Pray for the necessary resources to reach those who are grieving, hurting and suffering. Pray for the salvation of many during this period of recovery. Thank God for all the funds that have been provided to help meet Scripture needs in China over the years. Pray for this to continue as the demand for Scriptures is increasing.
Thank God for the wonderful response to Bible World, the Bible Society of Egypt’s exhibition for children. Please pray for an efficient central warehouse for providing Scriptures to the growing Christian population and future generations in Egypt and the region. Pray that many students will be strengthened in their faith as Christian religion teachers are empowered and enabled to help them engage with the Bible.
Gulf States
Pray for migrant workers living and working in the Gulf, many of whom are illiterate and need audio/visual Scriptures as comfort, living in a foreign land. Praise God for the Faith Comes By Hearing&red; program; Audio Scriptures are very effective among migrant workers. Training workshops on storytelling are equipping churches to tell Bible stories to different language groups, and the Arabic Scripture program is fast developing. Pray for the new Bible center within the premises of the Catholic Church in Doha, Qatar.
We are grateful for answered prayers and for the encouraging response to our distribution and fundraising efforts.
We have published several new Scripture resources in different languages, and are continuing to develop Scriptures in different formats for special audiences. Give thanks for this and for our work among widows, which is changing lives. Ask for God’s blessing as we celebrate the bicentenary of our work this year. Please also pray for our work in Bhutan.
In light of recent violence in Gojra, please pray, as Christians seem to be a target of attacks. Please pray for Pakistan, where ongoing terrorist activities have thrown the country into economic, social, political and religious turmoil. People are frightened; ask God to protect them, to bring an end to the attacks and to restore peace. Please pray that the newly-launched Urdu Study Bible will be well received and bring blessings to many people.
Pray for the new General Secretary, asking the Lord to give him wisdom. The Zande translation project is to relocate to Yambio; ask God to protect the translators and their families. In 2011, South Sudan will vote on whether to be an independent state or remain in a united Sudan. Pray that this event will pass peacefully and that the choice of the people will be honored. Pray as we minister to the people of Darfur who have suffered years of conflict.

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