Yearning for a New Day

Rebuilding Hope in Haiti

Haitian Children at the Christian Institute, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. (Photo by Rhoda Gathoga)

She's clad in a red and white checked shirt and a navy blue skirt, her hair braided in three ponytails. Her feet sport black shoes and white socks raised to the ankle, and her face and alert eyes convey confidence despite her circumstances. Marie Lunie Laventure, at 9 years old, is the hope of Haiti's new reality. Her dream is to one day be a program director like her current project leader.

For many children in Haiti, like Marie, their childhood has been stolen by the impact of the devastating earthquake that hit their nation more than a year ago on Jan. 12, 2010. Many people are still living in tents, some too afraid to return to their previous homes, and others literally have no place to go as their homes were reduced to rubble.

Many of these children have been through a lifetime of deprivation, now worsened by the earthquake, cholera outbreaks, hurricanes and election conflicts, all in a span of months.

“I am worried about my friend who cannot walk because he was hurt during the earthquake. Sometimes I go to see him, and I help him to walk or go to the bathroom,” said Guilove Morency. “I feel bad because my parents' eyes look sad.”

Haitians yearn for a new day where Marie and other children like her can experience for themselves the Jesus who helps them and gives them hope.

“My hope is that even though things are terrible, we can still do something,” says Magda Victor, general secretary of the Haitian Bible Society. “Our work of providing Bibles is a constant need. We must also encourage our leaders to be involved, especially the political leaders, as things cannot stay as they are. We have to do our part — ensuring people have God's Word for themselves — for only God can change people. I am hopeful for our nation and still keep the faith that things will change.”

Despite the problems, many Haitians credit their survival to the God who never leaves them alone. To them, being alive each day is enough. Even though they go without a meal for that day, many consider it a privilege to be alive.

Haitians tell of the victory they are seeing day by day and the hope they have in Christ. While all else seems doomed, the prayers and God's Word from the Bible sustain them.

“There were many people that came to visit us in our homes, to check how we were doing, how our children are doing. They gave me hope that I was not forgotten,” says Emma Rosetta.

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