“This Bible got me into believing in God again.”

The transition from civilian life to a military environment is very difficult, and new recruits face a variety of physical and mental challenges. With many wars looming, they are suddenly faced with thoughts about eternity.

The special military Bibles you help provide as a faithful partner are a tremendous blessing to them. Many of our young military heroes come to know Jesus as they read them . . . others grow closer to God and deeper in their Christian faith. Here are just a handful of the responses we receive:

“I lost feelings for everything and everyone when I was 9. I felt nothing, no happiness nor sadness, until I read the Military Bible. It helped me get my feelings back and care about people. But the best part is I feel like I know God personally.” — Cadet Tim Howell*

“The Bible helped me get through Navy boot camp. I graduate in a few days and this Bible is the reason I am closer to God.” — Navy Seaman Matthew Sawyer*

“The Bible helped me understand more of the Lord and helps me get closer to God and to change my life over to Jesus.” — Private Robert Devlin*

“Thank you for providing me with this Bible! During Basic Training for the Navy, I spent countless hours in my free time reading the Bible and honestly it helped me push through the rougher parts. This Bible brought me closer to God.” — Navy Seaman Dave Miller*

“This Bible got me into believing in God again. I have read the word every day since I received this Bible.” — Private Jason Atkins*

Thank you for helping our young Soldiers find Jesus, strengthen their faith, and receive encouragement to endure the daily trials they face.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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