3 Psalms to Pray for Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Meditate on these Bible verses as you connect with the Lord in prayer for your mom

On Mother’s Day, as you pause to honor the loving mom in your life, take a moment to pray. Ask God to keep her and protect her, providing hope for her peaks and encouragement for her valleys. Share your desires for her, asking the Lord to give her guidance and direction. And give thanks for the many ways God has blessed so many people through her gifts, talents and abilities.

As you connect with the Lord today, allow these three Psalms to lead your prayers:

  1. Lord, I ask you to encourage her when she needs it most.
    In times of trouble he will shelter me;
    he will keep me safe in his Temple
    and make me secure on a high rock.
    So I will triumph over my enemies around me.
    With shouts of joy I will offer sacrifices in his Temple;
    I will sing, I will praise the Lord.
    – Psalm 27:4-6 (GNTD)
  2. Lord, I ask you to guide her and protect her.
    But all who find safety in you will rejoice;
    they can always sing for joy.
    Protect those who love you;
    because of you they are truly happy.
    You bless those who obey you, Lord;
    your love protects them like a shield. ­
    – Psalm 5:11-12 (GNTD)
  3. Lord, I thank you for loving her.
    Lord, your constant love reaches the heavens;
    your faithfulness extends to the skies.
    Your righteousness is towering like the mountains;
    your justice is like the depths of the sea.
    People and animals are in your care.
    – Psalm 36:5-6 (GNTD)

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