American Bible Society Announces Launch of Faith & Liberty Discovery Center

Story of the Bible’s influence on American history and culture to be featured on Independence Mall

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American Bible Society announced today that a new attraction will make its home on Independence Mall in Philadelphia. Projected to open in 2020, the Faith & Liberty Discovery Center will invite people from all backgrounds to embark on an immersive experience to learn about the Bible’s influence on American history and culture.

The goal, according to American Bible Society President and CEO Roy Peterson, is to ignite curiosity and encourage visitors to explore questions such as, “How did the Bible influence the people who shaped our nation? And what difference can this book make in our lives today?”

“What the Faith & Liberty Discovery Center should be, at its finest, is a place that unites—celebrating a diversity of faiths, backgrounds and points of view,” Peterson says.

The narrative of the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center will be spearheaded by Local Projects, a firm that has won more than 100 design awards and whose work includes the National September 11 Memorial & Museum and the National Museum of American Jewish History. Architectural design is being led by the Philadelphia principals of JacobsWyper Architects’ SaylorGregg Studio.

“This experience will use groundbreaking technologies to allow visitors to not just witness history, but participate in it,” explains Jake Barton, the principal of Local Projects. “It will be like nothing anyone has seen before.”

At the Faith & Liberty Discovery Center, visitors will be able to explore how the Bible’s story has shaped America’s story, from the penning of the Declaration of Independence to the Civil Rights Movement. It will invite visitors of all backgrounds to discover how the nation has turned to the Bible for wisdom in times of conflict, motivation to create change, and comfort in moments of crisis.

“The new exhibits will raise plenty of thought-provoking questions,” Peterson says, “but the answers will ultimately be up to each visitor to discover for themselves.”

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