American Bible Society Moves to Philadelphia

Historic Legacy and Dedication to God’s Word Continues in the City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and American Bible Society President and CEO Roy Peterson announced at a joint press conference the location of American Bible Society’s new headquarters: Philadelphia. After nearly 200 hundred years in New York City, American Bible Society will be moving to one of the most historic cities in America. The City of Brotherly Love was founded in 1682 and served as an important location during the nation’s founding. Both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written in Philadelphia, and American Bible Society’s first president, Elias Boudinot, had roots in the city.

“We are thrilled that we will be starting a third century of service headquartered here in Philadelphia,” Peterson said at the press conference. “Home to America’s first hopes as a new nation, Philadelphia is now home to a very bright future for American Bible Society.”

Strategic collaboration opportunities, affordability, and livability were cited as reasons for the move. American Bible Society will maintain a presence in New York, but the new headquarters will bring together staff from the current offices in New York and Valley Forge.

The new American Bible Society headquarters will be located at 401 Market Street in Philadelphia’s historic district. American Bible Society has proposed creating a Bible Discovery Center on the first floor, as well as a conference center, Rare Scriptures Depository and scholarly working library on the concourse level of the building. The new Bible Discovery Center will allow visitors to interact with the history of the Bible in and share American Bible Society’s uniquely American story.

American Bible Society plans to open the new offices this summer, with the Bible Discovery Center opening being explored for 2016. Read the official press release here.


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