Building a Bible Minded Future

3 Ways American Bible Society is bringing the Bible to the world

Just a few weeks ago, American Bible Society released a study on America’s Bible Minded Cities, a report that ranks 100 cities in the U.S. from most to least “Bible minded.”

The response was incredible. The story was picked up by The Huffington Post, Fox News and NPR, to name just a few.

But for us at American Bible Society, ranking cities is only the first step. The next (and most important) question we must ask ourselves is what we do with this knowledge? How do we move forward to build a country and a world where all people have access to the message of the Gospel found in the Bible?

At American Bible Society we believe it starts in three important places.

  1. Providing a translation. Millions of people around the world are still waiting to read a translation of the Bible in their heart language, the language they learned in childhood. Right now, we are working with Bible Societies in Africa, South America and Asia to help share God’s Word through new translation projects. We’re also collaborating with other Bible agencies through the Every Tribe Every Nation alliance, which accelerates Bible translation and distribution around the world. Because having the Bible is the first step to being transformed by God’s Word.
  2. Healing hearts. For millions of other people both in the United States and around the globe, the trauma of war, abuse and domestic violence prevent people from being able to encounter God in the pages of his Word. That’s why we have developed Bible resources such as “Healing the Wounds of Trauma” to bring the message of God’s love to those who need to hear it most.
  3. Equipping churches. Bible engagement begins in the local church. But many Christians don’t know what to do after they open up the pages. Many pastors don’t have the tools to show them. That’s why we continue to foster church partnerships so that we can provide pastors, church leaders and individual congregation members with Bible resources like BibleMinded (a Bible memorization app) and Journeys (an online devotional Bible resource). Just last year, thousands of people joined our Scripture movement based on the book of Acts. By supporting and equipping local churches around the world, we can help people live lives transformed by the Word of God.

At American Bible Society, our work doesn’t end with a study. It begins there. So that ultimately every person in every city in every country across the world has an opportunity to experience the Bible’s life changing message.

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