Empowering Military Faith with the Military Bible Challenge — Free App for Download

American Bible Society’s Armed Services Ministry is celebrating Memorial Day with the release of a new, free app that invites Military members, Veterans, and their families to engage in God’s Word

American Bible Society’s Armed Services Ministry today released a Military Bible Challenge app—geared at helping our millions of U.S. Armed Service Members and Veterans thrive through engagement with God’s Word. The app, available now for free on Apple and Android devices, is based on the popular print version of the Military Bible Challenge, which has more than 250,000 annual users.

“Military service is demanding of your mind, body, and spirit. Over the past 205 years, Armed Services Ministry has delivered Military-specific Scripture resources to U.S. service members right when they need them the most. It’s incredible the difference that can make in a person’s faith walk and Military journey,” says Rev. Dr. Paul V. McCullough III, senior field manager for American Bible Society’s Armed Services Ministry and retired Army Lieutenant Colonel. “Now Military members and Veterans can carry this free Bible plan everywhere on their phones—making the strength of God’s Word always available to them.”

The Military Bible Challenge app inspires Military members to train their spirit alongside their body—spending 20 minutes per day with God for 75 days. Participants work through five topics (each 15 days long). They are guided along the way by Remi Adaleke, filmmaker and former Navy Seal, and by Abe Matos, pastor and former U.S. Army Ranger.

According to the Pew Research Center, 85% of Americans own a smartphone. American Bible Society’s State of the Bible USA 2022 study revealed that 48% of existing Bible users read on a mobile device. The format in which people access God’s Word is partly a matter of personal preference, but access to relevant resources is a reported barrier to Bible engagement. With U.S. service members and Veterans numbering at around 35 million, or 10% of the U.S. population, they’re seen as a key population to have mobile Scripture access.

CEO of American Bible Society Paul Cleckner says, “First, I want to thank our dedicated chaplain partners. They do a tremendous job of keeping us informed about the spiritual resources needed for the Military journey. And they help us support the faith of our Veterans and those in the Reserves. By digitally deploying the Military Bible Challenge, we can get this resource into the hands of Military members much faster and make it accessible at any time. We also want to thank our financial partners who make it possible to provide these key resources for free to our Military community. And, of course, we thank our U.S. Military for serving us so well. We’re praying for you!”

The Military Bible Challenge app is now available for free download on Apple and Android devices.

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