Give Hope on Giving Tuesday

Your gift of God’s Word will bless people in crisis on Giving Tuesday

At its heart, the Bible is good news about God’s gift to us in Jesus Christ.

Through his Word, God introduces himself as the all-powerful creator of everything (Jeremiah 32:17). Yet he also shows himself to be the loving heavenly Father who gave his own Son to save sinners (John 3:16). Through Jesus, everyone who believes receives the free gift of eternal life, along with every other good and perfect gift from God (James 1:17).

Scripture tells us that because God loved us first, we can love others (1 John 4:19). In the same way, because God gave so generously to us, we are inspired to give generously to others.

A Special Chance to Give

When we experience God’s generosity, our entire lives are transformed.

Research shows that Scripture makes us more generous and more loving toward our neighbors. Through Scripture, we learn how to care for those around us and how to bless others with the gifts God gives to us.

For those living without the comfort or hope of Scripture, God can feel far away. In our nation and around the world, millions of people are facing disasters, crises, and personal hardships without the good news of God’s love.

This month, you have an exciting opportunity to bless others with the hope of Scripture by participating in Giving Tuesday, an international generosity movement!

Your gift will help send the Bible to unreached people around the world. But it will also make a difference much closer to home.

Send Hope to People in Crisis

This year, the comfort and hope of Scripture are critical needs for our neighbors here in the United States. Millions of Americans have endured hurricanes, floods, mass violence, illness, and economic hardships. Emotions like grief, fear, and hopelessness are common.

Scott Ross, pastor and director of church engagement at American Bible Society, witnessed this need firsthand in Florida this fall.

After Hurricane Ian tore through communities, Ross saw homes with roofs and walls ripped away. He prayed with people struggling to provide for themselves and their families. And he saw how the effects of the storm are still being felt—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Thanks to the support of generous believers like you, Ross was able to serve alongside The Salvation Army to provide people in need with Beyond Disaster, a crisis response tool that communicates the truths of Scripture and God’s love in difficult times. Small blue Beyond Disaster booklets were packed into food boxes and handed to people at distribution sites. It’s a gift that Ross sees as essential for times of crisis and suffering.

“We can’t talk to every person, but at least we can give them something that helps,” he says. “It gives people the opportunity to find a little bit of hope and stability in an unsettled time. It’s a piece of something they can carry with them.”

Even though the moment of crisis has passed, the need for God’s Word is bigger than ever.

“Disasters like this go out of the news cycle so quickly,” says Ross. “But there is still incredible devastation. And grief doesn’t go away when the news cycle changes.”

Give Hope This Giving Tuesday

This month, your gift of any amount will provide Bibles and Scripture resources like Beyond Disaster directly to waiting hands and hearts. Through your giving, you can help people receive the hope and comfort of God’s Word in difficult times and let them know that they are not alone.

“People are looking for some kind of foundation when everything around them is being blown away,” Ross says.

You can provide the secure foundation and eternal hope of Scripture to people here in the United States and around the world!

Thank you for reflecting God’s generosity in your life and supporting American Bible Society this Giving Tuesday!

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