Horror and Hope: One Year of Bibles for War-Torn Ukraine

Your gift of Scripture has been providing comfort throughout a horrific year in Ukraine

February 24, 2023, marked one year of war in Ukraine. For millions of Ukrainian men, women, and children, this year has been one of horrific suffering. However, even amid this suffering, there have been glimmers of hope.

Living on death’s edge has caused many Ukrainians to seek the comfort of Scripture. Thanks to you, they’ve received Bibles when they need them most. And through your generosity, American Bible Society supported a large print run of Bibles and Scripture materials in Ukrainian and Russian. These precious resources were distributed along with vital humanitarian aid in Ukraine and surrounding nations, equipping churches and communities in Eastern Europe and beyond to care for refugees.

In the past year, Bible Society staff and volunteers have distributed hundreds of thousands of Bibles across Ukraine—work that would be impossible without faithful believers like you.

“Because of your support, we have the Word of God,” says one Ukrainian Bible Society leader.

Thank you for your heart for sharing God’s Word in Ukraine and around the world! Your gift is making an eternal difference.

Watch the full video from Bible Society partners on the ground in Ukraine now:

Thank You from Ukraine from American Bible Society on Vimeo.

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