Introducing the Restoring Hope Bible

The Restoring Hope Bible is a new resource for Bible-based trauma healing

American Bible Society is proud to introduce the new Restoring Hope Bible. This unique edition combines God’s Word with Bible-based trauma healing resources, offering readers a rich experience that can comfort them in suffering and guide them toward healing in Jesus Christ. It invites curious readers to explore biblical truths about suffering, brokenness, and restoration as they encounter the Wounded Healer in the pages of God’s Word.

A New Addition to a Rich Publishing History

From our earliest years, American Bible Society has been a publisher and distributor of God’s Word.

In 1816, just six months after our founding, we printed our first Bible: an English Bible in the King James Version (KJV). More than a century later, we recognized a growing need for the Bible in contemporary English. In 1976, the complete Good News Translation (GNT) was published. This version is distributed to people all over the world by United Bible Societies, our global network of Bible Society partners.

We continue to publish several English Bibles, including licensed Bibles, the King James Version (KJV), the Good News Translation (GNT), and the Contemporary English Version (CEV). Our publishing legacy also includes more than 6.9 billion Bibles distributed around the world by American Bible Society.

Today, we continue our tradition of responding to the cultural needs of our time with the Restoring Hope Bible (GNT), a special version dedicated to bringing God’s healing in times of trauma and suffering.

Meeting People in Their Suffering

The Restoring Hope Bible was produced by American Bible Society’s Trauma Healing Ministry. Since 2010, this unique ministry has combined God’s Word and mental health best practices to help people heal from trauma and find hope in Jesus Christ.

In recent years, most people around the world have gained an intimate understanding of tragedy and suffering. From the COVID-19 pandemic to social unrest and war to the mental health crisis and mass violence, we have all felt the effects of living in a broken world.

But what can we do when trauma becomes a barrier someone receiving God’s Word of hope?

Trauma is a deep wound of the heart and mind that can create barriers in our relationship with God and others. People trapped in trauma often feel broken, isolated, and crushed by the pain they have endured. But restoration is always possible. By connecting broken hearts to a loving heavenly Father, the Restoring Hope Bible helps suffering people begin their healing journey.

The Restoring Hope Bible uses the Good News Translation, which is still accessible for a modern audience. It highlights verses that speak to the pain of trauma, God’s heart for suffering people, and the possibility of healing through Jesus Christ. It also includes Bible-based guidance on how to understand trauma, how to help someone who is experiencing trauma, and how to begin breaking cycles of trauma in your own family and community.

The Restoring Hope Bible includes more than 50 pages of special content that guides readers in engaging with God’s promises, processing their pain, and bringing their fear and sorrow to the cross. In addition, readers can meet famous characters from the Bible—including Naomi, Joseph, and Elijah—and learn how they found hope in hopeless situations through God’s faithfulness and care. They can also dig deeper into Scripture’s promises with three reading plans designed to anchor their hearts in God’s love for them.

Beginning a Lifelong Journey of Healing

The Bible has always been the ultimate source of healing and hope for a broken world.

Now, by engaging with God’s Word and taking advantage of the special content in the Restoring Hope Bible, you can renew your sense of purpose and restore your hope.

To purchase your own copy of the Restoring Hope Bible, or to buy one for a friend, go to: or Amazon.

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