Is Your City ‘Bible-Minded’?

Birmingham, Ala. takes the top spot in the 2015 study.

As we seek to help 100 million people actively engage God’s Word, American Bible Society is learning more about how people in cities across the U.S. perceive and use the Bible.

Birmingham, Alabama, ranks No. 1, according to American Bible Society’s third-annual study, America’s Most Bible-Minded Cities.

The 2015 rankings are calculated using data collected by Barna Group. Each city’s Bible mindedness is determined by analyzing survey respondents’ Bible reading habits and beliefs about the Bible. The most Bible-minded respondents said they had read the Bible in the past seven days and believe strongly in the accuracy of the Bible. Nationally, only 27 percent of the population was considered Bible minded.

Cities in the Bible Belt still performed strongly, while East Coast cities continue to rank as the least Bible-minded in 2015. Overall, small cities generally performed better than did large cities. Just one of the top 10 Bible-minded cities is in the top 25 media markets.

The 2013 list topper, Knoxville, Tenn., dropped out of the top 10 for the first time, while America’s largest city, New York, entered the bottom ten for the first time, ranking 91st on the 2015 list. One surprise this year was Dallas’ dropping out of the top 25 most Bible-minded cities, coming in at number 26.

Read more and find where your city ranks here.


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