Let God’s Peace Shape Your Day

Trusting God through the COVID-19 Pandemic

“How will the coronavirus change my life today?”

Each new COVID-19 update seems to bring another wave of drastic change. Between school closings, business shut-downs, and alerts about infection rates, life has been completely turned upside-down in just a matter of weeks.

In trying to navigate these uncharted waters while swimming through a sea of COVID-19 information, it’s quite difficult to focus on anything else, isn’t it?

Perfect Peace

While you stay abreast of world news, you also have an opportunity to read the latest updates from your Father. His Word is filled with important news that can shape your day and change your life . For the better.

Isaiah 26:3 (GNT) says, “ You, LORD, give perfect peace to those who keep their purpose firm and put their trust in you.

Perfect peace. Doesn’t that sound lovely right about now? To sense that things will be OK even when the world says otherwise? To experience a calming serenity? To know, without a doubt, that you can find safety in the arms of a loving Father?

Trust in Him

God will give you his peace. He patiently waits for you to ask. He desires to be acknowledged, sought after, and prioritized over everything else—including the coronavirus.

He wants you to trust him.

Trust requires a shift in focus. A “letting go” and surrendering your worries to him. Trust is a choice to spend time reading the Bible and praying. Trust is a decision to hear from God’s Word before tuning in to the pounding voices of the world.

Trusting God is a willingness to invest in your relationship with him. There, in his presence, you find perfect peace.

More Good News

The Bible is filled with more news—like how to find perfect peace—that that can shape your day! News that equips you. Guides you. News that gives you the wisdom you need to turn your life right-side-up again. Daily news from God’s Word will shape your day in a life-giving way.

Be refreshed by Scripture, trust that God will provide everything you need, and ask yourself:

“How will God’s Word change my life today?”

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