Liana’s Favorite Books: Episode 14

Explore the historic Aitken Bible with Dr. Liana Lupas

In this episode of “Liana’s Favorite Books,” Dr. Liana Lupas takes you on a tour of the 1782 Aitken Bible, which was the first English Bible printed in America.

Up until the Revolutionary War, English-speaking colonists in America imported their Bibles from England. Since 1611, the King James Version had been the main English translation used by the British and Americans alike. But when the American colonies declared independence, a Scottish immigrant named Robert Aitken saw an opportunity to print the Bible in America.

Aitken, who owned a printing company in Philadelphia, was the official printer of the Continental Congress and had close ties with many congressmen. He obtained a resolution of Congress’s recommendation of his Bible, which is included at the beginning of the book. The Aitken Bible is the only Bible ever to receive Congressional approval.

We hope you enjoy exploring this small treasure from American history!

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